About KreateBlack

KreateBlack is a space where you’ll appreciate and celebrate an authentic lifestyle experience of black people; ranging from fashion designers, innovators and creatives.

Being black is more than melanin popping- it’s deeply rooted in spirituality, art, glamour and it comes alive in our creativity.
The aim is to showcase the best of African people.

Kreate Your own Black

Your black is beautiful.

The Founder

Sibulelo Myeni

Sibulelo Myeni is an Afrocentric chic, who’s passionate about media, art and fashion. A mother to a beautiful, bubbly daughter and an ancient soul who ghosted Art School because my ghosties/ ancestors had other plans which  that would humble and keep me grounded. I’m a content creator and writer who thrives in the craft of poetic storytelling, evoking emotions with words is my specialist and I will give you a beautiful blackspiration.


  • To bring you the very best of African Lifestyle content.


To promote cultural identity and pride

To educate, celebrate and show the diversity and beauty of our colorful lifestyle and cultures


Your black is beautiful